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How the affiliate program works

Signup as our Affiliate and send traffic to any page on WPenhance website while tagging your account username to the end of the URL.

Our monthly newsletter contains competition information, tips and portfolio’s of high converting content.

When a new user clicks your referral link,  purchases an item (or deposits money), you will receive 50% of that person’s purchase price. If they purchase $57 worth license, you get $28.50. If they buy a $97 license, you get $48.50.

By becoming an Affiliate, you agree to the Affiliate Program Terms.


  • Create SEO friendly blog posts or a guest blog to write about an area of interest that is related to Internet marketing.
  • Use your site or a social service to feature an item, using your referral link. This could be a post, a sidebar widget, or a tweet on Twitter.
  • Use targeted banner ads including banner ads for specific target audience. You can download each of the banners after placing request with our design team.
  • Promote limited time discounts that we run time to time.
  • Use handy affiliate plugins that recommend items automatically.
  • Design a page or site that is unique in design and isn’t going to confuse anyone about your purpose as an affiliate.


  • Confuse consumers through the design of your site by copying our site design or using our logos other than the prescribed affiliate banners which you can find in the affiliate dashboard.
  • Use WPEnhance brands, trademarks and intellectual property other than those banner and logos approved by WPEnhance and made available to affiliates on the referral page.
  • Purchase a domain name, search engine keyword or pay-per-click advertisement that uses any WPEnhance trademarks or variations and mis-spellings.
  • Copy item descriptions (unless you raise a support ticket and get consent from us);
  • Send unsolicited email or other messaging that in any way may constitute spam.
  • Do anything that would amount to a breach of any laws including, but not limited to, privacy, intellectual property and spam.
  • Engage in any conduct that does not meet our standards of ‘fair play’ including things like fraud, confusing the new user, or providing a link designed to mislead the customer.

Why promote Content Rocket?

Content Rocket solves the biggest challenge of getting Unique, Human Readable content, in minutes, on almost any niche. Content is the oxygen for Internet Marketing. The existing content creation tools in the market are mere spinners that use a database of synonyms. Our tool is based on Google’s Natural Language Processing algorithm to create content via YouTube. Our product can be used by:

 SEOs to load their websites with content

 Affiliate Marketers to load their money sites with content

 Content writers from iWriter, Fiverr etc. to create tonnes of content in very less time and make money easily.

 Website developers to load their client site with content without outsourcing

 Almost anyone who owns a website online

As you can see, the Target Audience is HUGE!! Above all, everyone needs content in one way or the other. Our pricing has completely blown away our competition during our Pre-Release campaign on a leading SEO forum and received 150+ sales in less than 10 days (Zero promotion) Anyone with a network (big or small) can sell this tool in volumes. GUARANTEED.


Focus on creating content from people, for people through Technology